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Street Fighter x Tekken Vita out in the autumn

Adds Guy, Cody, Sakura, Dudley, Blanka and more.

The PlayStation Vita version of crossover fighting game Street Fighter x Tekken launches in the autumn, Capcom Japan has announced.

Or the Fall, as Andriasang reported this afternoon. Capcom UK told Eurogamer this does relate to the game's launch in Europe. An announcement will be made soon.

The Vita version adds 12 additional characters. On the Street Fighter side comes Elena, Guy, Cody, Sakura, Dudley and Blanka. Alisa, Christie, Jack, Bryan, Lars and Lei join from team Tekken.

Will these characters eventually join the playable roster in the home console versions, due out on 9th March?

Earlier this month a list of downloadable content for Street Fighter x Tekken leaked onto the internet, and it included Cody and Guy from Capcom and Christie and Leo from Namco.

They were part of the New Challengers Pack, down for $7.99.

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