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Street Fighter 6's character creator has birthed some questionable fighters

You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Street Fighter 6 had its closed beta test over the weekend, giving lucky fans a taster of what the game will have to offer when it releases.

Players were also able to use the in-game character creation to make a custom fighter for the closed beta and so, unsurprisingly, people decided to experiment and see how far they could push those polygons.

And boy, did you all push them.

Street Fighter 6 - World Tour, Fighting Ground, Battle Hub Game Mode Trailer.Watch on YouTube

This character creator has a lot of sliders and categories, and you can get some freaky results. For example, the upper body settings let you adjust neck thickness, hand size, and abdomen bulge. Body hair can be put everywhere in any colour. Muscle definition gets a three-way slider, ranging from soft to built to shredded.

Of course, there's ready-made presets available to help start off the design process or if you're not bothered about messing around with the creator, but that's not what you're all reading this article for.

Social media was flooded with images of the horrors people designed. Scrolling through Twitter was a bit like watching an expanded episode of Monster Factory.

Note that in-game, even if you kept your fighter's body resembling an average skeleton, you probably bumped into people who fully embraced the character creator in the battle hub, the game's lobby.

To celebrate the internet's artistic visions, here's some of the most striking fighters we've seen so far.

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