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Street Fighter 6 open beta announced

Juri's out.

Luke's forearms are the stuff of legend
Image credit: Capcom

A Street Fighter 6 open beta is set for 19th to 22nd May, Capcom has announced.

Specifically, the open beta runs from 8am UK time on 19th May to 8am UK time on 22nd May.

The open beta includes everything featured in the recent closed beta that ran in December. The included modes are:

  • Ranked match
  • Casual match
  • Battle Hub match
  • Open tournament
  • Extreme Battle
  • Game Center
  • Training Mode

The eight available characters are:

  • Luke
  • Jamie
  • Chun-Li
  • Juri
  • Kimberly
  • Guile
  • Ryu
  • Ken

Expect cross-play across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and S and PC via Steam.

Here's the Street Fighter 6 open beta announce trailer.Watch on YouTube

Street Fighter 6 comes out Friday 2nd June. Capcom said the launch version will be "further adjusted and will feature updated character balance".

As a fighting game and in particular Street Fighter fan, I reckon Street Fighter 6 looks great. But is Street Fighter 6 for new players? Aoife recently went hands-on to find out. Her video, below, explains why Street Fighter 6 may be your ticket back into the genre.

Watch on YouTube

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