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Street Fighter 5 pro player takes Guile to the next level

"Oh my god! Christopher Jesus!"

It's one thing nailing a long, complex fighting game combo in the comfort of training mode. It's another thing entirely to do it at a high-profile fighting game tournament against a fellow pro-player.

This week, professional fighting game player Christopher Gonzalez, aka NYChrisG, starred at the Wednesday Fight Nights tournament in Southern California. There, he used Guile, Street Fighter 5's latest downloadable character.

Guile is capable of long combos, particularly when his opponent is trapped in the corner of the arena. And the reason for that is because his new V-Trigger lets him extend combos by unleashing multiple Sonic Booms.

In the video, below, we see NYChrisG use this ability to devastating effect, landing a whopping 36-hit combo that starts with a simple cross-up.

Here's what's happening:

The cross-up is cancelled into two crouching jabs, the second of which is cancelled into a normal Sonic Boom.

The Sonic Boom is cancelled into a V-Trigger activation. Then there's a dash forward to get into his opponent's face, where he clobbers him with a fierce punch.

Then we see multiple punches linked with Sonic Booms fuelled by the V-Trigger state, and dashes forward to get back into range to continue the combo.

The combo ends with Guile's Critical Art - a spectacular finish that wins the round.

Now, before you say this combo means Street Fighter 5 is broken, or Guile needs a nerf (he doesn't), know this: this combo requires an incredible level of concentration. It's situational in that the opponent must be in the corner. And it requires the use of all of Guile's resources: that is, a full V-Gauge and full Critical Art bar.

In short: NYChrisG did something pretty special.

You can check out the match in full in the video below (skip to the 17 minute mark).

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