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Baldur's Gate 3, Street Fighter and Lost Ark developers discuss.

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Street Fighter 5 has a story

And it's out four months after the game.

There's more to Street Fighter 5 than losing online. This one has a story - and it'll be told in the summer.

A "cinematic" story experience is due out as a free update for all players in June 2016, Capcom said. Street Fighter 5 launches in February, so you'll have to wait four months to play the story.

So, what do we know about the Street Fighter 5 story? According to Capcom, it takes place between Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter 3, and "bridges" the events of the two games.

It comes in two forms: Character Stories and the Cinematic Story Expansion. Character stories (each character has their own storyline that provides background information and reveals their relationships to the other characters) come with the game when it's released in February. The Cinematic Story Expansion is what we have to wait four months for.

The Story Expansion, though, is much more detailed, and features cutscenes. The trailer, below, suggests there's some horrible M. Bison-powered threat to contend with, all the characters are involved at some point, and Charlie Nash is on the hunt for his pal, Guile. From what I can tell, a big ball is crashing into the earth. Call Ryu!

While the likes of Mortal Kombat have done some great things with single-player story modes in recent years, Street Fighter's focused on competitive play. Will Street Fighter 5 buck the trend?

Meanwhile, Capcom announced a final beta test starting 30th January at 8am UK time. This ends on 31st January at 3am UK time.

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