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Stories Untold dev unveils prototype pigeon fighter Pekken

10,000 retweets and it'll be made for real.

Ever wanted to be a pigeon and remorselessly punch your birdie friends in the beak? Well then, this might be the Monday you've been waiting for - all thanks to Stories Untold developer NoCode and its bird-'em-up extraordinaire, Pekken (AKA "Beak Fighter II Turbo", "Beaks of Rage") .

Pekken, a "pigeon-themed, PS1-styled fighter", made its Twitter debut over the weekend, after NoCode's founder and creative director Jon McKellan rustled up a small slice of bird-on-bird melee action and chose to share it with the world. The resulting prototype, which pits Walter Peck against Jackie Bird in a featherweight fight to the death, can be seen below.

In a follow-up tweet that McKellan may yet live to regret, the developer promised that, once work on NoCode's forthcoming sci-fi thriller Observation is complete, Pekken would be turned into an actual, proper game - provided that the original prototype video managed to amass 10,000 retweets. At the time of writing, the video has 7k retweets and counting.

Even if the goal is reached (which seems increasingly likely by the minute), Observation's continued development means that it may be some time before you're able to invite your pigeon friends round for a fully fledged game of Pekken. The good news is that a small taster may be coming sooner: "To all those asking or a copy of it," McKellan wrote, "it's not really fit for public consumption yet but it WILL COME TO YOU." In the meantime, best get retweeting.

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