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Still no sign of The Last Guardian

Ueda chance to talk about it just then, Sony.

The PlayStation 4 reveal has been and gone and still there's no sign of The Last Guardian.

Speculation has been swirling that The Last Guardian moved from being a PS3 game to being a PS4 game.

Oh, wait, I've found it!

The game's creator, Fumito Ueda - who left Sony Japan but still apparently runs the project - issued a statement last week explaining that Sony was in charge of revealing information about the game and that we should "keep an eye out".

The timing of the statement tied in with the 'it's going to be announced as a PS4 game at the PlayStation Meeting' theory.

Now where do we stand? Is Sony holding the game back for E3? Is it a PS4 game?

Ueda's statement did at least seem to suggest it hadn't been canned, and that work was ongoing.

Tom Bramwell's in New York at the PlayStation Meeting and will try to find out more.