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Stick it to the Man landing on PS4 this month

1080p and characters' thoughts broadcast via DualShock 4 speakers.

Swedish developer Zoink Games' twisted comedic adventure Stick it to the Man is heading to PS4 on 30th April in the UK, publisher Ripstone has announced.

North American players will receive it the following week on 6th May.

The PS4 port of Stick it to the Man will utilise the console's features in a couple of neat ways. For one, it will display in 1080p - as next-gen games are wont to do - and telepathically listening to other characters' thoughts will produce their voices from the DualShock 4 speakers to further indicate that no one else in the game-world can hear these. Neat!

The PS3 and Vita versions of Stick it to the Man offer Cross-Buy support, but this PS4 rendition will not be included in that. "The game will not be Cross-Buy with the other versions, but this will be reflected in the pricing," a representative from Ripstone told Eurogamer. "We'll be releasing pricing & promotional discount details closer to launch."

Stick it to the Man is also slated for a Wii U release in "late spring."

Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead thought highly of Stick it to the Man upon its release last December, where he called it "a witty, introspective and superbly-written take on the point-and-click adventure" in his Stick it to the Man review.

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