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Steam's refreshing new library update is finally out of beta

Remote Play Together beta expanded to all Steam users.

Steam's long-awaited library revamp is out of beta and now available to everyone, Valve has announced.

The beta launched back in September, giving users that opted in a look at the library's improved aesthetics, and it seems this new look has stuck (and what a lovely new look it is).

The new library home page is designed to give you quicker access to your games and game updates, as well as making it easier to see what your friends are up to. You can see what they've been playing and what they're currently playing on the library homepage itself, rather than opening that pesky extra tab every time.

There's a new Events feature that looks particularly useful. It simply shows you if a game has been updated, what the update is, and why you should do it. One of the main reasons for the addition of this feature is to "let you know about all the great things happening with the games you already own without bombarding you with notifications".

It's useful to devs too, who'll now have access to new event creation tools, allowing them to separate the big game-changing updates from things like live streams and community challenges.

You can check out the rest of the info for the update and take a look at some screenshots on Steam's Community page - or you could just open Steam and look upon the new layout yourself (I highly recommend this option, it really is a huge improvement).

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