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Steam Greenlight now live, hundreds of games awaiting your votes

Valve allowing community to choose next Steam releases.

Valve has released its new community game-rating service Steam Greenlight, allowing you to influence the next titles to be released on Steam.

Hundreds of games are currently awaiting your support. You can vote against titles, too, if there's something you really don't want on the service.

It's a bit like Kickstarter, but without the need to pledge money.

Unlike Kickstarter, there are currently no specific goals for games to reach.

"How many votes does a game need to get selected? It's going to change during the first few days/weeks since we don't know what kind of traffic to expect," Valve's Greenlight FAQ explains.

The creepy-looking Slender: Source.

"Part of the drive for this system is the need for customers to help us prioritise which games they want to see made available on Steam. So the specific number of votes doesn't matter as much as relative interest in a game compared with other games in Steam Greenlight.

"We're going to be reaching out to developers as we see their games getting traction regardless of whether they have achieved a specific number of votes or are sitting 1st or 2nd place at any given time. We are most interested in finding the games that people want, not requiring them to always hit a specific number of votes."

Developers are being encouraged to share information on their games as early as possible, with unbuilt game concepts very much welcome on the service.

So, what's there right now? Eurogamer indie-favourite Project Zomboid is one of the first to pitch its stall. The project page declares that, if successful, everyone who already owns the game will get a Steam copy for free.

There's also tongue-in-cheek adventure DLC Quest, Lovecraftian role-player Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land and in-development horror title Slender: Source.

None of those to your liking? How about Agricultural Simulator 2012?