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People are already messing about with Project Zomboid multiplayer

Including DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall.

The people behind retro-style zombie survival RPG Project Zomboid are testing multiplayer - and players have already started getting up to no good.

In the video, below, DayZ creator Dead "Rocket" Hall and some friends bully an unsuspecting victim into a room for a planned hostage execution. Then... something happens.

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Both DayZ and Project Zomboid are survival games - the former played with old-school graphics and an isometric camera, the latter as a first-person shooter - and both are on Steam Early Access.

Project Zomboid's multiplayer is an open test but not yet in the main branch of the game. There are instructions on how to get in on the action over at developer The Indie Stone's website.

Oh, and there's more Project Zomboid multiplayer shenanigans in the video below.

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