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Project Zomboid shuffles to Steam Early Access this week

"We're both excited and terrified..."

Following a successful Greenlight campaign last year, Sandbox zombie survival game Project Zomboid launches on Steam Early Access this Friday, 8th November, developer Indie Stone has announced.

"We're both excited and terrified," the developer said in a blog post, "but it is Early Access after all, and there are many other games up there that have gone up much earlier in development, so at some point we just have to bite the bullet, draw a line under it, and put our baby up there in front of the Steam audience. Our Greenlight voters have waited long enough!"

Indie Stone plans a weekend of streams, which will be linked to directly from the Project Zomboid store page, and will answer as many questions as the UK indie developer can. A demo will be launched within the next week.

Meanwhile, Indie Stone said it's raising the price of the game to £9.99 / $15.99. "The game has remained at the same price since day one, and as we've said, not only is it important for us to help increase funding of development and look to expand going forward, but also it's unfair to those who bought in at the start to not be rewarded with a discounted price for their early support," the team said.

However, you can get Project Zomboid for £4.99 if you buy it from Desura - getting a Steam key as part of the package - before Friday.

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