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Starhawk private beta ends 3rd January 2012

"We've learned an enormous amount."

The Starhawk private beta ends on Tuesday, 3rd January 2012, Sony has announced.

Sony and developer LightBox Interactive has learnt "an enormous amount" from the beta, senior producer Harvard Bonin wrote on the PlayStation Blog.

"We've still got a long way to go but the leg up this info has provided us is incredibly valuable," he continued.

"The Private Beta was our first step to try out the game in the wild and it's been simply awesome. And because of this success, we've decided to keep the Private Beta live through the holiday break. After all, what would ringing in 2012 be without a little Starhawk beatdown session?!!"

The next step is the public beta, dates for which will be announced in the next few weeks. Uncharted 3 owners who received a public beta voucher when they bought the game will also be allowed in.

Starhawk is the PlayStation 3 exclusive follow-up to Warhawk. It's developed by LightBox Interactive, the studio set up by Dylan Jobe and other ex-members of Incognito Entertainment, and Sony Santa Monica.

Unlike Warhawk, Starhawk features a fully-fledged single-player campaign as well as the multiplayer portion the series is known for.