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Six years later, PS3 exclusive Starhawk is down

For good.

Six years after PlayStation 3-exclusive Starhawk came out, its online functionality has gone dark.

Multiplayer features for Starhawk ended on 30th June, while the single-player campaign remains playable.

Starhawk is a third-person shooter developed by LightBox Interactive as a spiritual successor to 2007's Warhawk. "What impressed in 2007 is no longer enough," we wrote in our review, "and while Starhawk is a perfectly fine entry in the third-person multiplayer shooter genre, it's unlikely to inspire much long-term passion in its current state."

Cover image for YouTube videoStarhawk (PS3) - Gameplay

The end of Starhawk multiplayer was signalled on the game's PlayStation Store page, rather than on Sony's decommissioned servers support page, which is odd. Usually Sony's pretty good about letting players know about server shutdown in advance (online features for Gravity Rush 2, for example, go dark on 19th July).

Lightbox Interactive, meanwhile, fell off the radar after suffering layoffs shortly after Starhawk came out in 2012.