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Stardew Valley and Slay the Spire heading to Apple Arcade in July

Along with Ridiculous Fishing EX and more.

A promotional image for Stardew Valley showing an idyllic farmhouse beneath a bright blue sky, all drawn in the game's distinctive pixel art style.
Image credit: ConcernedApe

Apple has announced a new batch of titles heading to its Apple Arcade subscription service in July, including two particularly notable oldies-but-goodies: Stardew Valley and Slay the Spire, which both arrive in '+' form, denoting they were previously available on the iOS App Store.

Stardew Valley+, as if it needs an introduction, is developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's wildly popular spin on the farm life sim genre, having now sold over 20m copies since its launch in 2016. Apple Arcade subscribers will have the opportunity to succumb to its endearing blend of agricultural wealth accumulation and pixel wooing from 28th July.

As for Slay the Spire+, it's also a bit of a modern classic. Developer Mega Crit Games' roguelike deck-building dungeon-crawler - which sees players attempting to fend off monsters and scale the titular spire with nothing but a fist of battle-ready cards - is a wonderfully refined, richly rewarding experience, and well worth seeking out.

Stardew Valley iOS trailer.Watch on YouTube

Elsewhere in Apple Arcade's July offerings, there's Ridiculous Fishing EX, a 3D remake of developer Vlambeer's enormously enjoyable 2013 gun-toting arcade fish-'em-up. New features in this version include Pro Fishing Tour - a competitive mode with daily, weekly, and monthly challenges and leaderboards - plus an expanded New Game Plus mode.

Slay the Spire iOS Launch Trailertrailer.Watch on YouTube

Rounding out July's additions are Sunblink's Hello Kitty Island Adventure - a "cosy" life sim that looks like an aggressively pink Animal Crossing - and StoryToy's Lego Duplo World+, an open-ended building game designed to "inspire your child's imagination ".

Subscribers to Apple's £4.99 a month Apple Arcade subscription service can play Slay the Spire+ and Lego Duplo World+ from 7th July, and Ridiculous Fishing EX from 14th July. Hello Kitty Island Adventure and Stardew Valley+ arrive on 28th July.

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