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Starbreeze makes its return to publishing

Return to stardom.

Swedish video game company Starbreeze has announced its return to publishing with an agreement signed with development studio Walking Tree Games to publish its upcoming game: The Tribe Must Survive.

Starbreeze, best known for its development of the Payday series, fell from grace following the disastrous launch of Overkill's The Walking Dead on Steam back in 2018.

The game's failure led to severe financial issues and the exit of the company's boss Bo Andersson. Wesley Yin-Poole produced a full-length feature on the company's collapse in 2019 which I recommend you give a thorough read if you want the full context.

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Since then, the studio struggled to attract the capital to begin development of Payday 3, before signing a €50m publishing deal with Koch Media (now Plaion) in March 2021. The game is now expected to release in 2023.

As for new soon-to-be published game, The Tribe Must Survive is an indie game simulation-strategy game set in a gloomy lovecraftian stone age. The player must protect their tribe while also managing the personalities and internal politics of the tribe itself.

The game is set to arrive on Steam Early Access in early 2023, with a full launch in 2024.

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