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Payday 3 now "fully financed" after Starbreeze signs €50m publishing deal

Game is now due out in 2023.

Starbreeze has signed a €50m publishing deal with Koch Media for Payday 3.

The Swedish developer said Payday 3 is now due out at some point in 2023 on PC and consoles, and the investment will pay for development, marketing as well as more than 18 months of post-launch "games as a service" content.

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The deal means Payday 3 is "fully financed", Starbreeze said. Starbreeze remains owner of the Payday IP.

"We now have a strong foundation for a successful launch of Payday 3," said Tobias Sjögren, acting CEO of Starbreeze.

The funding marks a reversal in fortunes for Starbreeze, which almost went out of business in 2019 following the disastrous launch of Overkill's The Walking Dead on Steam.

The game flopped, causing severe financial issues and the acrimonious exit of boss Bo Andersson. For more, check out our in-depth feature, The fall of Starbreeze.

But after a reorganisation, layoffs, the selling off of various publishing rights and a focus on co-op focused shooter Payday 2, Starbreeze started to sort itself out.

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