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Star Wars: Squadrons player recreates iconic A-wing crash scene

Just like the simulations.

One of the more memorable moments in Return of the Jedi - or any Star Wars movie, really - is the scene in which rebel pilot Arvel Crynyd rams his A-wing into the command bridge of the Executor, bringing the ship crashing down into the second Death Star. Somehow tragic and remarkably hammy at the same time, it's a moment burned into the memories of Star Wars fans - and now someone has managed to recreate it in Star Wars: Squadrons. Or close enough, at least.

User _Aedric posted a video of their efforts to the Squadrons subreddit, and the timing of their attack is impeccable. Not only did they manage to perform a full "out-of-control" spin, it also looks like the team had brought down one of the Star Destroyer's shield generators right before the attack, drawing yet another parallel to the films.

"Did it just work?", someone in the video asks. Why yes, yes it did.

Gray Squadron kills a Star Destroyer by ramming the bridge with a spinning A-Wing from r/StarWarsSquadrons

_Aedric later explained they'd been able to get in close by overcharging their shields, allowing them to avoid being blasted to bits before arriving at the bridge. "I also used the stealth component to avoid being focus fired right before boosting so those five players guarding didn't see me until it was too late!", _Aedric added.

If you want to compare that stunt to the original scene from Return of the Jedi, you can check that out below:

Cover image for YouTube videoSuper star destroyer crash and death star destroy

While the move wasn't exactly performed on an Executor-class Star Dreadnought, it's pretty tough to bring down a Star Destroyer in Squadrons's Fleet Battles, so managing to get the last hit with the A-wing explosion is quite something.

Squadrons released last Friday, and while there appear to have been various issues with the PC version (which EA is in the process of investigating), I reviewed it on PlayStation 4 and found myself thoroughly hooked by the multiplayer - and experiencing it in VR took it to another level.