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Star Wars Battlefront 2's Han Solo season gets a new map and mode next week

Extraction mode, the Mines of Kessel, and more.

There's a new map and mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 next week, June 12th, as part of its currently ongoing Han Solo-themed season.

Battlefront 2's new map takes form of the Coaxium Mines of Kessel, unsurprisingly located on the planet Kessel (of "12 parsecs" fame). "It's not for the faint-hearted though", explains EA, "conditions are harsh, and the Galactic Empire is heavily invested in the local supply of the highly sought after coaxium."

Several modes will be available to play on the new map: Arcade, Blast, Hero Showdown, Heroes vs Villains, and Extraction mode, which makes its Battlefront 2 debut in the new update.

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Extraction mode was previously available in the original Star Wars Battlefront, and offers an asymmetrical style of play in which the Rebel team, serving as an infiltration squad, attempts to track down, and then escape with, a critical payload - all while fending off the Empire forces. Victory goes to the Rebels if the cargo is successfully extracted, or to the Empire if time runs out before the opposing team can complete their objective.

"Extraction on Kessel offers a real team-play oriented experience with gameplay taking place in the tight corridors of the Kessel mines", says EA, "and culminates in the open area outside the mine." Extraction mode will also be available on the Jabba's Palace map, which joined the line-up in the earlier part of Battlefront 2's Han Solo season.

Elsewhere, next week's update introduces Lando's Millennium Falcon. This, according to EA, is the Millennium Falcon "before it was lost to Han in that now infamous bet." This new version of the iconic ship is more agile but less resilient than its other Battlefront 2 forms, and comes equipped with two laser cannons as its primary weapons.

Additionally, its Coaxium Injection ability can be instantly triggered for a long speed boost above maximum speed, while Synchronized Fire shoots both primary guns simultaneously for increased damage over a limited time. Lastly, the L3-37 Co-Pilot can highlight enemies for yourself and friendly Starfighters, with highlighted opponents receiving more damage.

Finally, the update adds four Legendary Appearances based on the Solo: A Star Wars Story movie - Corellia Escape and Beckett's Crew Han Solo, and Professional "Sportsman" and Raconteur Lando. There's also an Epic Vandor Heist Appearance for Chewbacca.

For a full run-down of features and quality of life changes coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 next week as part of the ongoing Han Solo season, check out EA's latest patch notes.