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Star Ocean 360 gets US/Japanese date

Out early next year. Europe date TBC.

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Microsoft has announced that Star Ocean: The Last Hope will launch in Japan on 19th February and the US on 3rd March. Europe's date is "TBC". Wicked.

The company's mouthpiece in this case was affable Live and services boss John Schappert, whose Tokyo Game Show keynote we are covering live at the time of writing.

The Last Hope is the fourth instalment in tri-Ace's longish-running, Square Enix-published RPG series, famed for its real-time battle system. Players take control of Edge Maverick (er, wow) and visits planets and do fighting and that.

"This title will also come to Asia and Europe," Schappert said, but didn't elaborate.

Elsewhere in Microsoft's TGS keynote, Schappert reiterated that The Last Remnant will debut for Xbox 360 on 20th November in Japan.

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