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Star Ocean: The Last Hope for spring

Europe finally on radar.

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Square Enix has said Star Ocean: The Last Hope will arrive on Xbox 360 in Europe this spring. America and Japan will get the game on 19th February.

The Last Hope acts as a prequel to the popular role-playing space opera series, detailing events immediately after World War III that forced humankind into space in search of a new home.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope, as the first of the series for the new consoles, will focus on looking pretty in high definition. But there will also be numerous gameplay advances, such more team-oriented play for bigger parties of four.

Apparently we'll also be able to control our own spaceship and fly from planet to planet.

Other than that, Square Enix has kept the (so far) Xbox 360-exclusive game under wraps, releasing only splatters of screenshots and trickles of trailers.

These you can find over on our Star Ocean: The Last Hope gamepage.

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