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SSFIV Arcade content console-bound?

Ono hints at Yun and Yang DLC.

Capcom has offered console scrappers keen to get their thumbs around exclusive Super Street Fighter IV Arcade fighters Yun and Yang a sliver of hope.

According to Siliconera, back in October series producer Yoshinori Ono pitched the idea to Capcom USA of offering the two characters – originally from Street Fighter III: New Generation - as DLC for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 gamers.

Judging by recent messages on Ono's Twitter feed, it looks like it could be happening. When asked for an update on the Yun and Yang situation, Ono cryptically posted, "Hehehe, We are developing SSFIV for Nintendo 3DS just now. Next, we will be..... ;D"

The arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV, released last month, also rebalanced a few fighters, but it's unclear whether those changes could be console-bound as well.

Ono also offered an update, of sorts, on whether Super Street Fighter IV would ever see a PC release. Capcom initially ruled it out last year, but it seems a backtrack isn't completely out of the question.

When directed towards an online petition for a PC release, he posted, "I know it. I'm trying it. Plz wait it's news."

No, we're not quite sure what to take from that either.

The console version of Super Street Fighter IV arrived on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last year to considerable acclaim. Eurogamer's Simon Parkin awarded the game a mighty 10/10.