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Split/Second developer challenges rivals

Wants to face others in go-kart racing.

Split/Second: Velocity game director Nick Baynes has challenged rival UK racing game developers to a charity go-kart competition.

When asked whether the numerous UK racing teams ever got together to race for real, Baynes told the Podcast, "The answer's no, but maybe I should issue a challenge today.

"I think Codemasters, Bizarre, Criterion and Black Rock should have a charity go-kart competition. I'm laying the rules down now. As long as we can use explosives on the track - that's my only condition. No, if they're up for it, we're up for it. Bring it on."

He told us in an email later that he was very serious. If they end up doing it we promise to film the results.

Those of you interested in Split/Second: Velocity, which goes on sale for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 21st May, may also want to check out the podcast for the latest news on the Disney-published racer, which sees players fighting for track position while raining merry environmental destruction down on their opponents.

Or, if you missed it at the time, check out the Eurogamer TV Show about Split/Second below.