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Split/Second game director Nick Baynes joins the cast.

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Welcome to another instalment of the Podcast - probably the only UK gaming podcast where you can hear people pausing at one point because there are sirens going off outside the window.

That's not the only unique feature of today's episode, however, because this week Black Rock Studios' Nick Baynes, who is game director on Split/Second: Velocity, joins host Tom Champion and regulars Tom Bramwell and Oli Welsh.

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Naturally we take the opportunity to put your questions about Split/Second to Nick, who politely and candidly addresses things like rubber-banding AI, why the game now has a subtitle, and whether all the myriad UK racing studios ever get together in the woods and have a fight.

We also talk about Blur, which is out at the same time as Split/Second in May, and recent events in the news - that bloke who got sacked for putting a Rockstar PR email on Facebook, Hideo Kojima's crystal ball, and of course the announcement that Vince Zampella and Jason West have founded a studio called Respawn and got into bed with EA. (Please note: our discussion was recorded prior to last night's interview with the pair.)

Nick and the gang also contemplate the new Digital Economy Bill and what it may mean for developers, publishers and journalists. All apart from Brammers, that is, who was on his first day back from holiday and hadn't read the bill yet, so came off looking like an idiot (again).

Thanks to a last-minute intervention from friend-of-the-podcast Jem Alexander of the PlayStation Blog, we even had some redeemable PSN codes to give away.

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