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Splinter Cell Remake fans hope an update may be coming in June

Kiss and Cell.

Rumour has it there'll be "news" about Ubisoft's Splinter Cell remake at this year's Ubisoft Forward showcase in June.

After Ubisoft confirmed its Forward show will be "live from LA" on 10th June 2024, fans noticed that Ubisoft Toronto had prepared for the announcement by switching up its Facebook header and profile images to that of Sam Fisher's instantly-recognisable night vision goggles.

Ubisoft announces its Splinter Cell remake.Watch on YouTube

As spotted by Twitterer MauroNL (thanks, PC Gamer), the change was made just hours before Ubisoft announced the date for the Forward show, leaving some to hope that the coincidental timing suggests an update on the remake may be on the way, too.

Concrete proof? Hardly. But it's all Splinter Cell fans have to go on for now. If Ubisoft decides to confirm (or deny) the claims, we'll let you know.

It's been some time since we've heard anything concrete about the eagerly-anticipated remake. Ubisoft announced its plans to remake Splinter Cell in December 2021, confirming that the game was being built "from the ground up" with updated visuals and improved design elements to "match player comfort and expectations".

Back in September 2022, a job listing further revealed that Ubisoft is updating its story for a "modern-day audience", and that it hopes to bring in new fans to the franchise.

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