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Spin the Bottle delayed until August-ish due to Nintendo's rigorous QA process

"The game has been done for months now."

The Wii U's best drinking game, Spin the Bottle, is going to miss its estimated July release due to Nintendo's very thorough quality assurance process taking much longer than expected.

This is the sort of compromising position one gets in when playing Spin the Bottle.

"The game has been done for months now, we are going through the last quality assurance with Nintendo and it has taken way longer than anticipated," said developer KnapNok in a statement to MyNintendoNews.

This makes sense, given the bizarre TV-less game's unusual motion-based control inputs. KnapNok explained, "One of the problems is that we are doing so much weird stuff with the Wii Remotes, such as pushing buttons with your nose, passing them to each other over your heads and players blindfolded crawling around on the floor trying to find the controller. Each of these things is non-conventional and there are just so many rules and requirements that can go wrong."

"I can't really guarantee anything but my best bet is that we will release in mid-August," the developer noted.

Despite the hold-up, KnapNok is okay with this rigorous testing as it will ultimately ensure a better product. "I don't regret that we are doing all this weird stuff, this is what makes the game great, but the last couple of months have certainly been painful."

While Nintendo is tinkering away to make sure Spin the Bottle is safe for human consumption, KnapNok is already hard at work on its forthcoming update to its motion-controlled curio. "We are not wasting our time while waiting for the release. We have already started prototyping our next update."

Remember, Spin the Bottle will be cheaper at launch as the updates will be added for free for early adopters, while those late to the bandwagon will have to pay a little more for the updated versions.

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