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Spelunky surfaces on XBLA next month

Coming this Independence Day season.

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The much anticipated Spelunky remake is coming to Xbox 360 on 4th July for 1200 Microsoft points, Major Nelson has announced.

Originally released on PC in 2008, Derek Yu's Spelunky received plenty of fanfare for its innovative mixture of 2D platforming and randomly generated roguelike design. The remake will feature hand-drawn art and four-person local multiplayer.

For the uninitiated, Spelunky is a platformer about exploring caves, gathering treasure, and rescuing damsels in distress - which can be swapped out for dogs in distress in this new version, keeping things gender neutral and hilarious.

Our own Rich Stanton seemed positively ecstatic about it after going hands-on with the game earlier this year. "Months away from release, Spelunky XBLA is a polished, always surprising and unique game - one that just keeps pulling you back into its dark and deep depths again and again. Summer can't come soon enough," he wrote in his Spelunky preview.

Check out the official release date trailer below.

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