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Spelunky DLC adds eight new playable characters, 24 deathmatch arenas

Two DLC packs at 160 MS Points each.

Fan-favourite XBLA roguelike platformer Spelunky is full of surprises. In this case it received two surprise 160 MSP DLC packs that stealthily came out yesterday while all eyes were on Sony.

The Arenas expansion adds 24 new deathmatch maps while the Explorers DLC adds eight new playable characters that can be accessed in both Adventure and Deathmatch modes. The new heroes consist of: the Eskimo, Robot, Viking, Round Girl, Round Boy, Cyclops, Ninja, and the Golden Monk.

Spelunky was well-received here at EG. Lewis Denby gave it full marks in his Spelunky review, while Ellie explained what it taught her about motherhood in her Games of 2012 piece. Come to think of it, I wonder what Tokyo Jungle taught her about motherhood. I may need to have a chat with her.

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