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Spelunky 2 isn't releasing this year after all

Miner delay.

If you had plans for digital adventures in dimly-lit caves this year, you'll have to wait a while longer, as the sequel to critically-acclaimed indie roguelike Spelunky will no longer be releasing in 2019.

Designer Derek Yu took to Twitter to announce the delay, explaining that while development is going well and the team is "not far off target", the "density and detail of the game" means it needs a little more time in the oven. Yu also apologised for the lack of updates, but said he'd been listening to feedback about the environments seen in the trailer, and had been working on adding more detail and increasing the contrast.

As of yet, there's no new release date for Spelunky 2 beyond the fact it's not coming in 2019. When it does release, however, you can expect to see it on PC and PlayStation 4, and you can also expect a very excited Christian Donlan.