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Speedball 2 not compatible with iOS 4.3

UPDATE: Issue resolved. Game works fine.

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UPDATE: Speedball 2 Evolution's issue with iOS 4.3 has now been resolved, Jon Hare has told Eurogamer.

"It was in fact an occasional and temporary problem to do with difficulty of access to Game Center under certain cirumstances yesterday," he said.

ORIGINAL STORY: Speedball 2: Evolution, the recent App Store revamp of the Amiga classic, is "not 100 per cent compatible with iOS 4.3", according to Tower Studios boss Jon Hare.

It's unclear exactly what the issue with Apple's latest firmware update is but Hare dropped Eurogamer a line to announce that a fix is in the pipeline.

"An update is already being prepared to deal with this issue and will be available ASAP," he pledged.

The new portable take on the Bitmap Brothers' revered 1990 dust-up launched late last month, adding multiplayer support and achievements.

"Even with the handicap of virtual sticks (or tilt controls if you're just plain odd), you'll be ripping the opposition a new one and wondering why no-one has managed to make a better futuristic sports game in the past 20 years," wrote Eurogamer's Kristan Reed in his 8/10 review.

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