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Speedball 2: Evolution out this month

Jon Hare and The Bitmap Brothers collide.

Speedball 2: Evolution will launch on the App Store for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch this month.

The game, which boasts updated gameplay, improved visuals and local multiplayer, has been developed by Sensible Software legend Jon Hare and original creator The Bitmap Brothers.

It is of course an update of the ultra-violent cult classic 1990 sci-fi sports game Speedball II. It has quick-play, league and cup tournaments and a career mode, which includes the Speedball Champions League.

Controls wise there are two options: classic "soft joypad", which replicates the controls of the computer versions, and "tilt to move", which allows users to manipulate team-mates by moving the device.

"This is the best version of Speedball 2 since the original and the best remake of any classic title available on the App Store" said creative director and CEO of Tower Studios Jon Hare.

He added: "Speedball 2: Evolution is the most comprehensive game in the series, and a real programming masterpiece thanks to the amazing efforts of Vivid Games. To existing fans this is a classic remake, to the new generation this is a fantastic modern game in it's own right. It marks the first arrival of a Bitmap Brothers classic to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – expect to see many more classic titles re-mastered and updated by us in the future."

Price will be revealed at a later date. Jon Hare had a chin wag with Rob Purchese to chat about the launch and more. That'll turn up on the site soon.