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Hare: Chaos Engine iPhone a "frontrunner"

And he's sensibly making a football game.

Would you like Jon Hare and The Bitmap Brothers to resurrect Chaos Engine for iDevices? Because it's a project tantalisingly close to reality, Eurogamer can reveal.

"It's one of the frontrunners for what we're going to do next," said Hare, founder of Sensible Software and owner of Tower Studios, in an exclusive interview with Eurogamer published this morning.

"We're pretty sure what we're going to do next but not 100 per cent convinced.

"The candidates out there for the next game will be from Gods, Xenon 2, Magic Pockets, Chaos Engine. That's about it. Maybe Cadaver. "

"We are in a position to do all of these games right now, if we wish to," he added. "But to develop them all simultaneously would be suicidal. However, we are about to start the development of another game, probably in about one or two months."

What's more, Hare - creator of Sensible Soccer - revealed that he's working on a new football game.

"I'm also looking at other games. I want to do a football game soon," he said. "Something like [Sensible Soccer]. That's something that's in the running. I'm talking to Codemasters about maybe doing some of our old games. The door's open to do those if we want."

"No, I can't [say specifically if it's Sensible Soccer]," Hare went on to say. "It's something that's only at very early planning stages at the moment. We've not started the development of it yet. It's an idea at the moment. But it's something I want to do - it's the right thing to do for these platforms."

Jon Hare last made headlines when he revealed that he was investigating Cannon Fodder and Mega-Lo-Mania on iPhone. "They could become a reality," teased Hare. "There's constant discussion between us [him and Codemasters]. They're open to us talking about what we might want to do, and it's up to me to say we're ready to go."

The future of all of these projects - as well as plenty of original ideas Hare has had to previously shelf - rides on one game: Speedball 2: Evolution, Hare's soon to be released iDevice resurrection of the famous Speedball 2. Buy that, prove the model, and Hare will provide.

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