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Speedball 2: Evolution release date

Ice cream with delight.

Jon Hare's new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch game Speedball 2 Evolution will be released on 24th February - a week from today.

The price is still TBC.

Speedball 2 Evolution has been developed by Vivid Games under the watchful eye of Jon Hare and Tower Studios - he who created Sensible Software.

Evolution has a new art style and a choice of touch-screen joystick controls or a new tilt-to-move approach. There's also local multiplayer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Modes range from quick-play to league to tournament, plus of course the deeper and more absorbing Speedball Champions League career.

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe was a Bitmap Brothers game, and it's not the only oldie earmarked for revival on the iPhone by Jon Hare. He's got the Bitmap go-ahed to do Chaos Engine et al. if he wants, plus he's in promising talks with Codemasters to revive his old Sensible Software catalogue. He's also got new stuff on the boil - ideas he's been cultivating for the past decade.

Eurogamer combed through the world of Jon Hare earlier this month in an exclusive interview.