Speedball Evolution

"I'm a lucky guy because I achieved a lot in my work when I was young," says Jon Hare. He's not lying. He founded Sensible Software at 20-years-old and made games such as Sensible Soccer and Cannon Fodder, but his past now presents him a problem: he's a reputation to uphold. Hare hasn't made an original game for 17 years, but now he's nearly ready to release one. Has he still got what it takes? "It's got to be f***ing good," he says of his new game, "because I don't want it to f*** my name up as a designer."

Mobile Games Roundup

Mobile Games Roundup

Infinight! Infinity! Zombie! Evil! Pew!

Normally I like to balance the selection of these roundups between the formats, covering an iPad exclusive, an Android title, maybe a couple of iPhone games and a Windows Phone 7 offering.

But this time round, the WP7 selection was so shockingly awful I couldn't bring myself to shoehorn in any of the recent games just for the sake of it. When faced with dregs like Deer Hunter 3D, Castlevania Puzzle, Bubble Town 2 and Zombie Attack 2, you have to wonder how Microsoft expects gamers to get excited about the format.

As I type, the rather adorable I Love Katamari is being added to the WP7 store to restore some balance - but it's questionable whether you'd want to pay the 5.49 asking price.

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Speedball 2: Evolution release date

Speedball 2: Evolution release date

Ice cream with delight.

Jon Hare's new iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch game Speedball 2 Evolution will be released on 24th February - a week from today.

The price is still TBC.

Speedball 2 Evolution has been developed by Vivid Games under the watchful eye of Jon Hare and Tower Studios - he who created Sensible Software.

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Hare clarifies FPS innovation stance

Reused mechanics are "tired and boring".

Jon Hare recently made the bold claim that first-person shooters haven't seen "clear innovation in 20 years" - bar graphics upgrades and "the ability to talk to people and work in groups".

Jon Hare's Sensible resurrection

"FPS gameplay hasn't evolved substantially for 20 years!"

Jon Hare comes from a bygone era when videogames weren't bloated multi-million dollar projects that had to tick boxes to ensure they repay an anxious publishers' dollars. Creativity, he would argue, was never better than before 1994. Soon, however, it could be. Take a bow, the App Store.

Hare: Chaos Engine iPhone a "frontrunner"

And he's sensibly making a football game.

Would you like Jon Hare and The Bitmap Brothers to resurrect Chaos Engine for iDevices? Because it's a project tantalisingly close to reality, Eurogamer can reveal.

Hare figuring out iCannon Fodder

Mega-lo-Mania also considered.

You asked and he listened - old-school developer Jon Hare is working out whether Cannon Fodder and Mega-lo-Mania can work on iPhone and iPad and other smartphone-related devices.