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Southern gothic mystery Norco puzzles out March release

Progress from Act One demo carries over.

Norco, a twisted gothic take on Southern America via a point-and-click-adventure, now has a release date for its full version.

You'll be able to venture into its rusted suburbs and swamps from 24th March, publisher Raw Fury announced today.

Norco's Act One demo is also available now via Steam, and progress in it will carry over to the full release.

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Our Chris Tapsell had a tinker with the game's demo last summer, where he described it as "tantalising".

"A vast, looming chemical plant has poisoned the river and the community," he wrote. "People are fragmented and afraid of each other and themselves. All the connective tissue of the world has been pulled apart, and following a thread of mystery about your mother, her investigation, and that horrible plant might pull it back together, might not.

"Norco's dark and heavy stuff, and maybe a little over-fond of itself - but so it should be. It's great, and I'm sold."

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