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Acclaimed Southern Gothic mystery Norco coming to consoles next month

Out on PlayStation and Xbox.

Norco, the acclaimed Southern Gothic adventure from developer Geography of Robots, will be making the jump from PC to PlayStation and Xbox next month, arriving on 20th October.

Norco unfolds in the "sinking suburbs and verdant industrial swamps" of a surreal, future South Louisiana, where players - in the role of a rebellious teenage girl - embark on a quest to find their brother, Blake, missing after the death of their mother.

What follows is ostensibly a point-and-click adventure, but one that aims in all sorts of directions, with Eurogamer's Chris Tapsell somewhat futilely summing it up as a "text-adventure, turn-based party battler, boat-navigating... poem... puzzler?" in his review.

Cover image for YouTube videoNORCO Accolades | Coming Soon to Xbox and PlayStation
Norco - Coming soon to Xbox and PlayStation.

"It's striking, surprising, novel," he wrote. "It's nothing less than extraordinarily beautiful. And like the increasing number of games that want to go a little further than distracting us from these things and instead wrestle with them head-on, it is mesmerising."

In other words, Norco is well worth checking out when it comes to PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Game Pass on 20th October.