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Sony US hints at in-game XMB in 2008

New day expected tomorrow.

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The highly sought-after in-game PS3 CrossMediaBar could be out this year. Which is a little unsurprising, given rumours hinted it would be included in previous firmware v2.0.

Still, Sony US spokesperson Paul Purdy decided to confirm its 2008 appearance to The Game Reviews at the Consumer Electronics Show.

When this year is still unclear, with Sony Europe offering no further comment on proceedings.

We would hazard a guess at sooner rather than later, but we as in me also suggested Monster Madness would be one to keep an eye on.

The CrossMediaBar or XMB is the PS3 menu currently only accessible by exiting your game, preventing you from changing soundtracks, sending messages, or fiddling with other bits and pieces on the fly.


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