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PS3 firmware 2.0 details

In-game XMB a lie.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Update: Sony has confirmed the firmware will be available tomorrow, and that all of the below is spot on.

Secretive sources have confirmed to Eurogamer that there will be no in-game XMB featured in the upcoming PS3 firmware update.

It follows speculation started by the official PlayStation site after it offered registered users a poll to choose which XMB feature would be most desired in a future firmware update.

And, thankfully, it doesn't take too much brain power to deduce that had the XMB integration been included in 2.0, no such survey would exist.

Elsewhere version 2.0 gives you new theme support like the ability to change the background and font type of your XMB, and lets you drown yourself in flashy new media playlists.

It also brings home the much touted remote play functionality, which lets you turn on your PS3 using your PSP. Useful if you have very weak arms.

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