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Sony surprise-releases arty PS4 game Entwined

An kind of origami tunnel shooter.

Sony unveiled a curious and striking origami-like tunnel flying game called Entwined at E3 tonight - and it's available right now on PS4 for $9.99.

Imagine two origami dragons, or birds, one blue and one orange. They are two souls in love but they can't be together. You must bring them together over the course of nine lifetimes, navigating increasingly difficult tunnel levels as you go.

You control one dragon-bird-thing on one analogue stick, and the other on, err, the other.

If you're successful, the two souls will merge and transform into a magnificent dragon.

Entwined is made by a small graduate team and it's also coming to PS3 and Vita as a Cross-Buy game (buy it once, play it on all).

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