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Sony patents game "replay" from "trigger points" over streaming

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Sony's logo on a pastel coloured background.
Image credit: Sony

A recently-published Sony patent application shows the company has been further researching a way to allow players to replay a game from specific points while streaming and experience its storyline again.

Titled Content Streaming With Gameplay Launch, the patent was filed on 11th July 2023 and publically published on 2nd November via WIPO (spotted by Exputer).

It describes a game which contains multiple "trigger points of media content". These are moments which the player could start a replay from, which would be provided "by the platform, publisher, or third-party publisher". These trigger points are described as the start of an "activity" such as a boss battle or quest, or when a player levels up.

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Each trigger point would have an associated "set of game data" which "may be based on user gameplay data" or determined by the platform/publisher. Players would then be able to select a trigger point and play through the game again from that point.

A flowchart from the Sony "replay" patent showing the order of events
The proposed order of events when a player chooses to replay a game. | Image credit: Sony

Sony says its "replay" system would provide a "unique user experience for consumption of media content with interactive gameplay" in its patent by allowing players to "selectively play portions" of a game whilst also being able to experience the story, citing "movie cuts" of games as the inspiration. Rather than having to replay a whole game, players would be able to dip in and out of the important story sections to relive a game's narrative, or make completely different choices in a non-linear title.

A drawing of a number of thumbnails representing points a player could replay a game from
An example UI for players when selecting a point to replay a game from. | Image credit: Sony

This isn't the first patent Sony has filed related to this system. This most recent patent builds on patents filed by Sony on 11th November 2019 and 31st December 2021 of the same name.

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