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Sony/MS on Fortune dumb list

Goats, cathedrals, dossiers.

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Microsoft and Sony have made Fortune's annual "101 Dumbest Moments in Business" list, with Sony appearing not just once, but twice, for 2007, reports.

The company first made the list for its European promotion of God of War II at the foot of the Parthenon.

Guests were invited to pull live snakes from a pit, be fed grapes by topless hostesses, and reach inside the still-warm carcass of a freshly slaughtered goat to eat offal from its stomach.

The company also made the list for using Manchester Cathedral as the setting for a shootout in Resistance: Fall of Man, prompting criticism from the Church of England.

Microsoft was listed due to its public relations firm sending a 13-page background dossier about a writer, meant for executives, to the writer himself.'s dumbest moment of 2007 was moving into a flat with storage heaters.

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