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Sony details Journey Trophy list

Save yourself a trek.

Sony has revealed the full PlayStation Trophy list for Journey, the upcoming adventure from Flower developer thatgamecompany.

Minor gameplay spoilers lie below.

The list of awards includes several nods to previous thatgamecompany titles. Bronze reward "Ancestors" is earned when players track down a mysterious creature - one of the beasties from aquatic life simulation flOw.

"Mirage", another bronze Trophy, is unlocked when you find a hidden desert bloom, a reference to previous game Flower.

And, like Flower, the "Return" Trophy is unlocked for returning to the game after a week break (or after changing your PS3's internal clock).

Journey finally launches for PlayStation 3 on 14th March.

The full Trophy list lies below.

  • Threshold (Bronze) - Cross the broken bridge without completely rebuilding it.
  • Mirage (Bronze) - Find the hidden desert flower.
  • Explore (Bronze) - Discover all cloth creatures in the desert.
  • Adventure (Bronze) - Pass through 15 gates while surfing through the sunken city.
  • Trials (Bronze) - Sneak through the underground passage without tearing your scarf.
  • Ancestors (Bronze) - Find a mysterious creature hidden in the temple.
  • History (Bronze) - Uncover all 10 ancient glyphs.
  • Crossing (Bronze) - Reach the summit with a companion and return to the beginning.
  • Rebirth (Bronze) - Finish the game and return to the beginning.
  • Companion (Silver) - Finish the game with the same partner for the majority of the journey and return to the beginning.
  • Reflection (Bronze) - Sit and meditate with another player for more than 20 seconds
  • Wonder (Silver) - Meet 10 or more unique travelers.
  • Return (Bronze) - Start the journey again after a week long break.
  • Transcendence (Gold) - Collect all unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys.