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Sony appears to have fixed vanishing Destiny PSN pre-orders problem

If you pre-ordered and weren't able to download, try again this morning.

Sony appears to have resolved an issue that prevented those who had pre-ordered the PlayStation 3 version of first-person shooter Destiny through the PlayStation Network from downloading the game.

Destiny launched yesterday and some users were unable to play as a result of the problem.

Eurogamer reader "melnificent" was one customer affected. Melnificent had pre-ordered the PS3 version of the Destiny Guardian Edition through PSN, but it failed to appear yesterday morning.

"Sony have been hitting the advertising hard on the PlayStation Store for Destiny and it's just completely failed to happen," Melnificent told us.

However, this morning Sony's Ask PlayStation Twitter advised asked those affected to try to download the game again, having worked on the issue, and Destiny now appears to be available.

And Melnificent has now been able to download the game. "Only a day late for digital delivery, and I thought Royal Mail was bad."

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