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Sony adds accessibility tags to PlayStation Store

Over 50 tags available.

Accessibility tags are being added to the PlayStation Store globally this week across both PS5 and PS4 games.

The tags will highlight which accessibility features are supported in games when viewed on the store.

At launch, the tags will be shown for a number of first party titles, with Sony collaborating with a "wide range of developers to implement this feature" in the near future.

Accessibility Tags on PlayStation StoreWatch on YouTube

Over 50 tags are available from six categories, as follows:

  • Visual accessibility features, such as clear text, large text, color alternatives, audio cues and directional audio indicators.
  • Audio features, such as volume controls, mono audio, screen reader and visual cue alternatives.
  • Subtitle and caption options, including subtitle size, clear captions, and large captions.
  • Control options, including button remapping, thumbstick sensitivity, and ability to play without button holds, rapid button presses or motion control.
  • Gameplay options, such as difficulty settings, skippable puzzles, simplified quick time events, and game speed.
  • Online communication options, such as text or voice chat transcription and ping communication.

Users can access the tags by pressing Triangle in the game hub on the PlayStation Store.

More details can be found on the PlayStation Blog.

Microsoft implemented a similar feature on Xbox back in October 2021. Since then it's implemented a number of accessibility features, including allowing developers to get feedback from disabled players.

Earlier this year Sony unveiled its accessibility controller, Project Leonardo. A release date is yet to be announced.

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