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Sony acquires Valkyrie Entertainment

It brings Sony's collection of in-house studios to 17.

Sony has acquired Seattle-based Valkyrie Entertainment.

Founded in 2002, Valkyrie Entertainment works alongside other studios, "empowering them to achieve the full potential of their visions". Past projects include League of Legends, God of War, and Halo Infinite. The studio is thought to be currently contributing to the upcoming God of War sequel.

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"Today we announce Valkyrie Entertainment will be joining the PlayStation Studios family," PlayStation Studios boss, Hermen Hulst, confirmed in a brief tweet.

"The studio will be making invaluable contributions to key PlayStation Studios franchises."

This latest acquisition comes just weeks after Bluepoint Games joined PlayStation Studios - the developer's last project was the PlayStation 5 remake of Demon's Souls, which received high acclaim and 1.4m sales at launch - and Firesprite's (another PlayStation studio) purchase of Manchester-based Fabrik Games.

Firesprite was formed from the remnants of Sony Liverpool - which PlayStation shut down back in 2012. Now it has quietly grown to become one of the largest development teams in the UK, and has found itself back as a first-party studio.

PlayStation also bought up Returnal developer, Housemarque, over the summer, too. The acquisition of Valkyrie brings PlayStation's tally of first-party studios to 17.

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