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PlayStation Studios acquires Manchester-based Fabrik Games

Joining ex-Sony Liverpool talent as part of Firesprite.

Firesprite, the large Liverpool-based team bought by PlayStation earlier this month, has expanded further with the acquisition of Fabrik Games.

Fabrik will now become part of Firesprite, and boost its overall headcount up to 265.

Firesprite was formed from the remnants of Sony Liverpool - which PlayStation shut down back in 2012. Now it has quietly grown to become one of the largest development teams in the UK, and has found itself back as a first-party studio.

The addition of Fabrik's team to Firesprite makes a lot of sense - the former was spun out of Firesprite by its boss to develop indie games, though ended up working with Firesprite on its recent project The Persistence.

"I'm delighted to announce that we will be bringing Fabrik Games and Firesprite together as part of our exciting next step with PlayStation Studios," Firesprite boss Graeme Ankers said today.

"They are a team of passionate and committed developers, led by industry veterans who have worked on many AAA franchises. We're looking forward to bolstering our creative talent as we continue on our journey to offer truly unique experiences for PlayStation fans."

There's no word yet on what Firesprite will work on next as part of PlayStation Studios.

Sony also recently acquired Housemarque and Nixxes, and partnered with Jade Raymond's new studio Haven Entertainment to build a new IP. Who's next?

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