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Sonic x Shadow Generations has been rated in South Korea

No Shadow of doubt.

Modern and classic Sonic cross paths with Shadow in Generations remaster
Image credit: Sega

Sonic x Shadow Generations has been rated in South Korea.

The South Korean Game Content Rating Committee didn't have much else to say about the game when it published the rating yesterday, but did at least confirm the "action" game was suitable for "all" users.

Sonic x Shadow Generations Announce Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Perhaps more interestingly, though, the publication of yet another rating for the recently-announced remaster will go some way to confirm to fans that the release window remains on schedule, and the game would appear to still be on track to release in autumn (Q3) this year.

Of course, we'll confirm the firm release date just as soon as we have it.

Sonic x Shadow Generations follows Sonic Superstars and Sonic Dream Team from last year. It's expected to release on PlayStation consoles, as well as Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam and Epic), having been officially announced at February's PlayStation State of Play.

A remastered version of the 2011 game was rumoured to appear, but as Ed explained at the time, Shadow adds a welcome twist. Completely remastered, Sonic x Shadow Generations gives us a brand new Shadow campaign including new abilities.

It's certainly good timing ahead of the third Sonic the Hedgehog film due out in December that's set to feature Shadow, too.

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