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Someone's found a new loot farming cave in Destiny

Well, it's not a cave, but it works just the same. Let's call it the Rocketyard Room.

A day after Bungie nerfed the magic loot farming cave in first-person shooter Destiny, a working alternative has been discovered.

In the video, below, PS4Trophies reveals a room in the Rocketyard area of Old Russia, Earth, from which enemies spawn every six seconds or so - just as frequently as they did from the old Skywatch loot farming cave before hotfix five was issued yesterday.

So: climb up onto the platform, aim at the room and shoot everything that moves. Then, when you run out of ammo, jog along for much loot. Legendaries, rares and common items everywhere.

Will Bungie also nerf the Rocketyard Room? Probably.

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