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Pokémon Go fan actually catches 'em all

Well, as far as you can in the US.

That's it, Pokémon Go is over. One Pokéfan has caught them all.

Well, almost.

Redditor ftb_hodor has filled his Pokédex with every creature currently available in the game, in the US, after walking a staggering 153.2km.

Out of the regular 150 Pokémon (not including Mew), "five Pokémon aren't in the game yet and three region-locked and not available in the US," he explained.

Ftb_hodor is missing Farfetch'd, Mr. Mime, Kangaskhan (exclusive to Asia, Europe and Australia respectively), plus the three legendary birds, Ditto and Mewtwo.

While not a full collection, it's still the first time anyone has got to the magic 142 number.

The equivalent in Europe will be when someone gets to 142 with Mr. Mime, but without the North America-exclusive Taurus.

"I already booked my flights to Europe and Asia," ftb_hodor joked. "Just kidding, I have no plans to go after region locked ones. I believe they're truly region locked.

"Have talked to hundreds of people who have similar level or Pokédex to me. Even if they are available in eggs, by time I get them I'm sure trading will be out and it will be moot."

Pokémon fans are still unsure how the remaining creatures will be made available in Pokémon Go. There's still no official confirmation of how region locking works either.

However, everything we do know about Pokémon Go is in our guide. Go catch it all!