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SMG2 ditches hub for world map

Universal applause.

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Super Mario Galaxy 2 will ditch the hub world and opt for a traditional world map instead.

Creator Shigeru Miyamoto spilled the beans to GameInformer.

"You can think of it in terms of something similar to Super Mario World or New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where you will have a rather convenient map to navigate," he said.

"We want players to focus on the joy of the action instead of getting to each game course. We wanted to make it as accessible as possible and as easy as possible for the players."

"Also," he added, "because we're going to incorporate a number of different stars and conquering all the stars is going to be one of the most challenging missions for the player, we want them to understand as easy as possible where they should go next and which places they should go back to in order to get access to the remaining stars."

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be released on 11th June, exclusively on Wii.

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